14 Day NEW YEAR Yoga Challenge




This 14 day challenge is designed to kick start your yoga practice by setting your body and mind up in a positive, healthier way.  Completing this challenge will make you feel stronger, leaner and more disciplined with your lifestyle.This is a progressive challenge each class will work you slightly harder, giving your body and mindset time to adjust but keeping you moving forward to your goal! This challenge will help you change your habits and get you well on your way with your yoga journey. 

The challenge will be a 30 or 45 minute class every day for 14 days! Live or recorded if you can not make the times. (If you attend yoga class once a week that’s kick starting your journey by three months!) If you stick to the challenge your body and mindset will be CHANGED! Your self discipline with your practice and healthier life style will be set up for the rest of the year.  Your body will be visibly stronger and fitter.  Each class will make you feel energised and motivated for the next class as you make leaps and bounds in your practice. 

Price £75

14 Day Schedule

Monday 4th Jan- 7-7.30am

-DAY 1 Wake your body up as you mentally and physically prepare for the challenge ahead. Starting with a restorative sequence.


Tuesday 5th Jan 7-7.30am

-DAY 2 Picking up the pace and building stamina with a slightly faster flow.

Wednesday 6th Jan- 7-7.30am

-Day 3 Introducing a set of standing postures to the challenge.


Thursday 7th Jan- 7-7.30am

-Day 4 Introducing a set of seated postures to the challenge.


Friday 8th Jan- 7-7.30am

-Day 5 Picking up the pace as we  build flexibility in the hips in a more complex class.


Saturday 9th Jan- 8-8.45am

-Day 6 Bringing together your weeks practice as we cover a full body sequence. 


Sunday 10th Jan- 8-8.45am

-Day 7 Allowing your body to memorise and recover from your weeks practice we will stretch out the muscles, releasing any aches and pains from the previous week setting you up for next weeks goal.


Monday 11th Jan- 7-7.30am

-Day 8 Keeping you motivated as we focus on core and upper body strength.

Tuesday 12th Jan- 7-7.30am
-Day 9 Get your heart racing with a fast flowing class building on sharpening your sun salutations. 


Wednesday 13th Jan- 7-7.30am

-Day 10 Facing your fears as we look at the very basics of starting arm balances and building confidence in these more challenging postures.


Thursday 14th Jan- 7-7.30am

-Day 11 Taking your standing postures to the next level.


Friday 15th Jan- 7-7.30am

-Day 12 Taking your seated postures to the next level.


Saturday 16th Jan- 8-8.45am

-Day 13 Digging deeper as we overcome mental barriers and emotions behind changing bad habits.


Sunday 17th Jan- 8-8.45am

-Day 14 Putting everything together that we have learnt the past 2 weeks as we work through a strong practice and meditation as we  compare our body and mindset to the beginning of the challenge!