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7 Day SPRING Yoga Challenge




Spring forward your yoga practice in the 7 DAY CHALLENGE.  In this challenge I will be guiding you through a series of progressive daily classes.  We will be working on deepening flexibility our and opening the heart centre as we prepare for change and welcome new beginnings.  Completing this challenge will make you feel stronger, leaner and more disciplined with your lifestyle.  This is a progressive challenge each class will work you slightly harder, giving your body and mindset time to adjust but keeping you moving forward to your goal! 

The challenge will be a 30 or 45 minute class every day for 7 days! Live or recorded if you can not make the times.  If you stick to the challenge your body and mindset will be CHANGED! Your self discipline with your practice and healthier life style will be set up for the summer months.  Your body will be visibly stronger and fitter.  Each class will make you feel energised and motivated for the next class as you make leaps and bounds in your practice. 

Price £40

7 Day Schedule

Monday 1st March- 7-7.30am

-DAY 1 We will set the challenge off with a therapeutic class and focus on getting in tune with our bodies and mindset.


Tuesday 2nd March 7-7.30am

-DAY 2 We will be working on building flexibility in the hamstrings and lower back  and perfecting a variation of forward folds as we let go of the past and focus on moving forward.

Wednesday 3rd March- 7-7.30am

-Day 3 This class will be about increasing our hip mobility as we work on deepening our flexibility and releasing negative emotions.


Thursday 4th March- 7-7.30am

-Day 4 In this class we will work on our shoulders reducing tension and stress as we free ourselves from emotional burdens.


Friday 5th March- 7-7.30am

-Day 5 We are now ready to open the heart centre as we stretch out the front of the body working towards deepening our back bends and planting the seeds for our new emerging practice.


Saturday 6th March- 8-8.45am

-Day 6 We will work on our core and upper body strength as we build a from foundation physically and mentally for the year ahead.


Sunday 7th March 8-8.45am

-Day 7 Consolidating everything we have learnt in a full body practice followed by a candle lit meditation as we set our new intentions for the Spring ahead.


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