Abi specialises in teaching yoga to women over 50 to build up strength, resilience and mobility.

Charity Work

During the UK lockdown at the start of 2021 I had the privilege of teaching over 200 people FREE yoga! From big charities to small local charities to individuals across the UK.  Whilst this has been enormous help and even a life line for some.  I want to reach more people with my offer of free chair yoga, My offer is expended to all care homes and more charities during this pandemic and beyond.  If you know a charity, a care home or even an individual that could benfit please get in touch!

Why Yoga For The Over 50's?

WHAT WOULD I KNOW ABOUT YOGA FOR SENIORS being in my 30’s this is a a question that I come up against all the time.

Let me tell you about the amazing woman that sparked my passion for teaching the over 60’s. My mum, Beverley Smith was 61 when we filmed our DVD together. We spent hours together discussing every ache and pain my mum was feeling in forensic like detail. My dad (a Doctor of over 40 years) was of course invaluable with improving my understanding anatomy and the science behind yoga. We created a unique and tailor made class that fitted Beverley’s needs like a hand in a cosy glove. She’d recently undergone cancer treatment and major surgery and it was important that her yoga practice was sensitive to her recovery and healing. We focused on building her confidence back on the mat and worked on breathing techniques to cope with pain and anxiety. As the years that followed became increasingly tougher physically and mentally with more invasive surgery and growing anxiety, my mums yoga practice continuously adapted to what felt comfortable and served her purpose. As my mums energy levels changed and physical movement reduced I created a unique chair yoga sequence that we practiced together frequently. This worked like magic with lifting my mums spirits and helping reduce some of the stiffness she was feeling. I had the pleasure of teaching this same sequence to an incredible group of ladies battling cancer at Southend Hospital and I continue to teach this sequence to the inspirational ladies who are part of the Look Good Feel Better Charity.

In the end, it was just the breathing exercises we would work together with, I would hold her hands and just breathe with awareness together, this was the most valuable and precious tool we had.

"My biggest privilege was teaching seated yoga at Southend hospital for a very special group of ladies battling or recovering from cancer"

Abi Mills